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Roof waterproof maintenance

Information Sources:未知 Author:admin release time:2021-05-06

  At one time, the roof leakage rate of housing construction was high, which seriously affected the use function of housing. The problem of roof leakage directly affects people's life, work and study

  In order to fundamentally solve the problem of roof leakage of built houses, it is necessary to carry out systematic management and comprehensive prevention and control from the design, construction, materials, management and maintenance of waterproof engineering. In order to improve the quality of waterproof engineering and prevent leakage, starting from the construction, strictly control the quality of materials, improve the design level and strengthen management, and take specific measures for comprehensive prevention and control.

  1、 Material selection in roof leakage treatment work, should vigorously promote the application of new waterproof materials, should first select more advanced technology, better performance of polymer modified asphalt membrane and coating, synthetic polymer membrane and coating, elastic-plastic sealing materials and new rigid waterproof materials. In the current situation of the mixed market of waterproof materials, we must strictly control the quality of materials. For the waterproof materials entering the construction site, we must not only meet the national or industrial standards, but also have the factory certificate and material permit. We must also carry out on-site sampling and re inspection. The unqualified materials must not be used. We must strictly prevent the application of fake and shoddy products to the leakage treatment project.

  2、 Roof waterproof design should be based on the nature of the building, engineering characteristics, importance and use function. At present, waterproof materials are various in variety, performance, application scope and price. Therefore, roof waterproof design and material selection should be carried out based on the principle of "adjusting measures to local conditions, selecting materials according to needs, combining prevention and drainage, combining rigidity and softness, and overall sealing". According to the local maximum and minimum temperature, daily temperature difference, roof slope, waterproof layer form (exposed or non exposed) and structure size and other specific conditions, select appropriate waterproof materials and determine the corresponding construction scheme.

  3、 Construction is a key leakage water treatment project. Construction is a reprocessing process of waterproof materials with strong technology and high standard requirements. Therefore, it must be carried out by a well-trained professional waterproof construction team who has received professional technical training and is familiar with the construction specifications, waterproof material performance characteristics and application scope. In the construction process, we must strictly abide by the national standards and specifications, seriously implement the process standards, and operate meticulously, so as to ensure the quality of the project.

  4、 Strengthen management and maintenance

  Strengthening management and maintenance is an important measure to reduce the roof leakage rate and extend the service life of waterproof layer.

  After the completion and acceptance of waterproof engineering, in the long-term use process, due to the gradual aging of materials, the repeated influence of various deformation, the effect of wind and rain freezing, the scouring of rain, the artificial damage in use, the accumulation of garbage and dust blocking the drainage channel and other factors, the waterproof layer is often damaged and leads to leakage, Therefore, strengthening management and maintenance is an important measure to improve the quality of waterproof engineering. Regular maintenance of the roof, such as comprehensive cleaning and inspection of the waterproof layer before the rainy season and winter every year, and timely repair of the damaged parts, is of great significance to reduce the roof leakage rate, reduce repair, save money, and extend the service life of the waterproof layer.