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Exterior wall waterproof maintenance

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  External wall waterproofing is a divisional waterproofing project to ensure that the structure of buildings (structures) is not affected by water and the internal space is not harmed by water. Exterior wall waterproof engineering plays an important role in the whole construction engineering.

  Exterior wall waterproof engineering involves basement exterior wall, housing exterior wall and many other exterior wall structures of buildings (structures). Its function is to prevent the leakage of rainwater and domestic water and the erosion of groundwater within the design durability period of buildings or structures, ensure that the building structure and internal space are not polluted, and provide a comfortable and safe living environment for people.

  External wall waterproof engineering is a large system of waterproof engineering, which involves materials, design, construction, management and other aspects. The task of external wall waterproof engineering is to integrate the above factors, carry out comprehensive evaluation, select waterproof materials that meet the quality standards, carry out scientific, reasonable and economic design, carefully organize technical forces for construction, improvement and maintenance Maintenance management system to meet the waterproof durability and use function of buildings (structures).