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Underground waterproofing maintenance

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  Detailed description of basement waterproofing

  Basement is not only the functional part of the building, but also a part of the whole building structure foundation, which plays a vital role in the building. The basement is located in the ground, which may be affected by the groundwater, and its waterproof becomes a very key problem to meet the functional requirements in use and ensure the durability of the whole building foundation structure. Therefore, it is of great significance to analyze the causes of building basement leakage, improve basement waterproof structure and prevent basement leakage.

  The leakage form of basement is related to geological conditions, structural conditions and construction season, mainly showing the following conditions.

  ① Water inflow: when the groundwater pressure is very high, the leakage flow is large, sometimes it can't be blocked, such as the spring water flowing up continuously; Undercurrent: the leakage of the basement sometimes flows out along the cracks of the structural concrete, just like a undercurrent;

  ② Leakage: the leakage of the basement is in a certain surface of the structural concrete. The degree of leakage is different. After wiping with a dry cloth, you can see many small water drops coming out, and it will get wet in a short time; If you are wet, you will never dry. The wetter you get in half a day or a few hours, the bigger you get. Some basements also have intermittent leakage, which may be affected by the fluctuation of basement pressure. Sometimes leakage or seepage occurs at the leakage place, and sometimes it disappears.

  Analysis on the causes of basement leakage:

  From the location of the basement leakage, the water is leaking from the weak part of the basement structure, which shows two problems: one is the partial failure of the basement structure rigid self waterproof, the other is that the whole flexible waterproof layer composed of waterproof materials has also been damaged. Judging from experience, the local failure of rigid structure self waterproof and the local failure of flexible waterproof layer are in the same part, but most of them are not in the same part. This is because after the local destruction of the flexible waterproof layer, the underground water will pass through the flexible waterproof layer and enter the outer wall of the structural layer. Under the action of underground water pressure, the water will split the channel between the flexible waterproof layer and the outer surface of the structural concrete. When it meets the self waterproof failure part of the structural concrete, it will penetrate the concrete and enter the basement, resulting in leakage. This phenomenon is similar to roof leakage. Therefore, when the basement is found to be leaking, the structural self waterproof and flexible waterproof layer of the basement have local failure and damage.

  The main structure of the basement project should adopt waterproof concrete, and according to the requirements of waterproof grade, additional waterproof layer or other waterproof measures should be adopted.