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Water seepage in kitchen and Solutions

Information Sources:未知 Author:admin release time:2021-05-06

  The kitchen is leaking

  The reasons are as follows:

  1、 Large water consumption, frequent contact with water, if the drainage design is not scientific, even long-term ponding, is one of the causes of leakage.

  2、 The corrosion of detergent daily chemicals is also an important reason for the aging failure of waterproof layer.

  3、 Complex structure, more pipes, more corners, more plane and facade joints bring great difficulty to waterproof construction, and non-standard construction is also one of the reasons for leakage.

  4、 Through the pipe, floor drain around, corner and other joints are easy to deform, leading to virtual leakage, which are high-risk parts of water leakage.

  Therefore, the kitchen waterproof must use special materials, construction in accordance with the requirements of the specification, in order to really do not leak.

  Maintenance method

  First of all, we need to find out the cause of water leakage. If there is a problem with the waterproof layer, there are usually two ways to deal with it: local plugging or overall re waterproofing. However, not all leakage cases can be solved by leakage repair, and it is not necessary to do the whole waterproof again when encountering leakage. The specific situation needs to be analyzed in detail.

  If the leakage is small, the leakage area is small, and the leakage point can be accurately found, the method of repairing and plugging can be used. The specific operation method is to pry the tiles near the leakage part to expose the base surface, chisel the leakage point into a "V" groove, and use the special permeable crystalline repair mortar to repair and stop the leakage first, which can solidify in about 10 minutes, and then brush a layer of kitchen and toilet waterproof slurry around the repair part.

  If the leakage is serious, and the leakage area is large, or the specific leakage point can not be accurately found, the problem can not be completely solved by using the leakage repair method, at this time, the overall waterproofing needs to be done again. The specific method is to remove the tiles and other decorations on the surface as a whole, expose the base surface, clean the base surface, first use the permeable crystalline repair mortar to repair and level the cracks or pits, and then brush the kitchen and bathroom waterproof slurry as a whole. After the waterproof layer is completely dry and the closed water test is qualified, the tiling and other processes can be carried out.

  Generally speaking, there is no shortcut for water leakage treatment, which is troublesome to deal with. Waterproof or should be based on prevention, try to control the quality of waterproof before decoration, use special waterproof materials according to the standard construction, in order to maximize to avoid the trouble caused by water leakage.