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Toilet leakage maintenance

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  1、 Construction process of waterproof Engineering

  Base cleaning → painting primer → detail additional treatment → first coating → second coating → surface coating → first water test of waterproof layer → construction of protective facing layer (Civil Engineering party is responsible for it) → second water test of waterproof layer → project quality acceptance.

  2、 Key points of construction operation

  1. Grass roots cleaning: select appropriate tools to clean the grass roots, no floating dust, debris, no open water.

  2. Roller brush primer: the primer is to improve the adhesion between the film and the base course, and the primer is to improve the adhesion between the film and the base course. The special primer glue shall be uniformly brushed on the surface of the base course with roller brush or paint brush, and the brushing amount shall be 0.3kg/m2. After brushing, it should be dried for more than 4 hours before the next process.

  3. Additional treatment for details: a layer of reinforced cloth should be added to the floor drain, pipe root, internal and external corners and other parts prone to water leakage. First, apply hca-101 coating with a rubber scraper or paint brush with a uniform thickness of 300 mm, and immediately paste reinforced cloth for reinforcement. When the reinforced cloth is pasted, the paint brush shall be used to spread and press it flat, and it shall be closely connected with the lower coating, with the overlapping width of 100 mm. The surface shall be painted with one or two layers of coating to make it reach the thickness required by the design.