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Tunnel waterproofing maintenance

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  The treatment of leakage in highway tunnel should be determined according to the water source, type, position and water leakage amount of the leakage and the material selection. According to the radar detection and field investigation results, the principle of tunnel leakage treatment is determined as follows: combination of arch block and drainage, comprehensive treatment; The side wall is mainly row, and the regional blocking and drainage of local water volume is combined; Arch first and then wall, block the back row first, and proceed in sequence.

  1.1 grouting between the first and second linings

  This method is mainly used in the parts with large leakage water. The grouting position is determined according to the defect position and crack distribution indicated by radar detection. The grouting hole must be ensured that the waterproof board cannot be damaged. Grouting materials are cement water glass slurry with good irrigatability, high stone rate, fast setting early and strong, and adjustable setting time.

  After grouting, if there is leakage of slurry in the nearby area, it indicates that the slurry has spread to this position and may achieve the blocking effect. It is necessary to observe for a while, and the next treatment work can not be carried out temporarily, otherwise, the next work should be carried out.

  1.2 slotting and leading row

  This method is mainly used in the construction joints and lining cracks with large water content such as arch, single point line flow, strand flow and water injection. The position of the leading out is determined according to the crack condition provided by radar measurement.

  1.3 grouting and sealing

  This method is mainly used in lining cracks with small leakage water, scattered water flow and unfavorable to drainage and individual outlet points and surfaces. Determine the plugging position according to the crack condition. Grouting inside lining is carried out to seal the water flow channel and lining cracks, or make the water flow relatively concentrated, so as to facilitate the drainage. Grouting principle: the point leakage grouting is the first time the water injection is small, then the larger one; The circumferential cracks are grouting from the bottom to the top; Horizontal or inclined cracks are grouted from the smaller water content to the larger end; The leakage is grouting from the periphery to the center in turn.

  1.4 water discharge through hole in middle partition wall

  The arch line of the middle wall of tunnel is often prone to serious leakage, which is generally caused by the blockage of longitudinal blind pipe or vertical blind pipe. In view of this situation, drill the holes diagonally upward at the upper end of the middle partition wall every 10m on one side and staggered on both sides, and enter the upper dry rubble isolation layer, and the side wall is grooved and buried φ 8cmpvc drainage pipe is connected to the drainage ditch at both sides at the lower end to allow the upper stagnant water between the two arch rings to be discharged. A inspection hole is set at the height of 1.2m from the ground of PVC drainage pipe. It can be opened regularly to check the flow condition and dredge the pipeline.