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Construction materials and technology of tunnel waterproof a

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  Detailed description of construction materials and technology for tunnel waterproof and plugging

  Water soluble polyurethane plugging agent: water soluble polyurethane chemical grouting material is a polymer grouting plugging material synthesized by polycyanate ester and polyhydroxy polyether. The material reacts with water to form elastic colloidal consolidation body, so as to achieve good water sealing purpose. It is a new generation of waterproof and plugging reinforcement material. When the slurry meets with water, it disperses, emulsifies and foams by itself. Chemical reaction takes place immediately to form an impermeable elastic colloidal consolidation body with good water sealing performance. The elastic colloidal consolidated body formed after reaction has good extensibility, elasticity, impermeability and low temperature resistance, and can keep its original shape permanently in water. The material has good groutability, chemical reaction occurs quickly when it meets with water, volume expansion fills the voids in concrete, and quickly consolidates to stop water leakage. The consolidated body has good impermeability, extensibility and elasticity. It is used for grouting plugging and as a flexible permanent waterproof fortification.

  Polysulfide building sealing paste: the material is a two-component reactive high-performance sealing material. Polysulfide sealant is a new type of waterproof sealing material synthesized with liquid rubber as the main raw material, various additives and polymer materials. It has cold construction, no joint after film forming, and the elongation is more than 200%. It can keep its original shape in water, continuous vibration and expansion; Low temperature flexibility - 40 ℃, can maintain good waterproof and air tightness for a long time, suitable for bonding and sealing waterproof of concrete deformation joint.

  Quick plugging agent: suitable for plugging with water and sealing instantly. It is used for quick plugging and fixed PVC foam strip to form grouting channel.

  The construction process of deformation joint leakage treatment is as follows: remove the decorative plate covering the deformation joint, remove the plug in the deformation joint, clean the deformation joint, block the water and bury the pipe to form the grouting channel, block the leakage, clean the groove wall, bake and dry the groove wall, place the backing, scrape the sealing paste in the joint, place the backing, scrape the sealing paste again Place benzene board insulation material -- restore exterior decoration.