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Bridge waterproof maintenance

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  Waterproof coating construction

  1. Base treatment: the newly-built concrete reaches the design strength, the surface temperature cracks and natural shrinkage cracks are basically completed, and the base surface shall be free of floating dust, dirt, grease, water, etc., so as to achieve clean and dry.

  2. The construction must have complete equipment and good performance.

  3. The coating shall be evenly mixed before painting, and intermittent mixing shall be kept during construction to prevent precipitation.

  4. Before large-area painting, brush the treated base for 2-3 times with a small brush, and then brush the first time in a large area. Generally, 3-6 hours (but not more than 24 hours) can be determined by the temperature. After the coating is dry, the second and third times can be painted until the ideal thickness is reached.

  5. Maintenance: natural maintenance for 24 hours to avoid passing by pedestrians and vehicles.

  6. Construction temperature: 5 ℃ - 35 ℃ is appropriate. If it is over 35 ℃ in summer, some cold water can be sprinkled properly to cool down and the construction can be started after drying.

  7. Theoretical dosage: when the dry film thickness is 1 mm, the dosage is 1.9 kg / ㎡, the coating thickness of bridge deck is generally about 0.5 mm-0.7 mm, and the dosage is 1.6 kg / ㎡.