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How to choose waterproof material?

Information Sources:未知 admin release time:2021-05-07

  Because wash gargle everyday, shower is in toilet, so the moisture of toilet is particularly much. In order to avoid water leakage and seepage in the toilet, we should be very careful when purchasing Jingzhou waterproof materials. At the same time, we should be careful when doing toilet waterproof engineering. So, what material is the best for toilet waterproof? What are the skills of using waterproof materials? Next, let's get to know it with Xiaobian!

  What is the best waterproof material for toilet

  1. Cement mortar waterproof material

  What is the best waterproof material for toilet? In fact, there are many waterproof materials, among which the more common is cement mortar waterproof materials. The waterproof material is a kind of uniform liquid formed by mixing cement mortar in a certain proportion. In the deployment of cement mortar, we must use a blender to mix evenly, the powder should also be slowly added into it, mixing fully, until there is no precipitation. And the prepared cement mortar should be used up in 2-3 hours, otherwise it will dry and affect the use.

  2. Polyurethane waterproof materials

  What is the best waterproof material for toilet? In fact, polyurethane waterproof materials are also very good. Its film is tough, tensile strength is high, and also has the ability of viscosity and resistance to structural expansion and deformation. So this kind of waterproof material is also very suitable for the use of bathroom wall, there is no flow and crack, the service life is relatively long. However, polyurethane waterproof materials in the process of use will have a bad smell, not very environmentally friendly.

  3. Acrylic waterproof materials

  What is the best waterproof material for toilet? In fact, acrylic waterproof materials are also very good. It has a strong acid and alkaline resistance, but also has a good elongation and breaking strength, strong stability, good waterproof effect, so this kind of waterproof coating is widely used in a variety of home decoration waterproof engineering. Acrylic waterproof material construction is also convenient, roll coating, scraping coating can be.