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Construction method of waterproof membrane

Information Sources:未知 admin release time:2021-05-07

  There are three construction methods of Jingzhou waterproofing membrane, which are full adhesion method, empty paving method and mechanical fixation method. The following is a brief introduction.

  1. Full viscosity method

  (1) Before the construction of waterproof coiled material, the coiled material shall be laid on the surface of the base course without first bonding. Attention shall be paid to the straightness and flatness of the coiled material when laying, and the material shall not be twisted. The longitudinal overlapping width of PVC waterproof coiled material is 50 mm, and it needs to be cut properly. The transverse is usually butt joint treatment. A 200-250 mm wide non composite layer shall be used above it, and the covering and overlapping welding of PVC waterproof coiled material shall be carried out.

  (2) Fold the long side of several waterproof coiled materials in half, and brush the adhesive on the folding part of the base course and the surface of the coiled materials respectively. When the adhesive is dry enough, the surface of the pre paved waterproof coiled materials shall be closed and pasted, and compacted with the pressure roller.

  (3) Fold the folded part, continue to use the above method for sticking and compaction, and then carry out butt welding construction.

  2. Empty paving method

  (1) First, it is laid according to the full adhesion method, and then the whole waterproof project is fully bonded with coiled materials, and the lap joint is welded.

  (2) Transverse butt joint treatment is adopted, on which 200-250mm wide coiled material is used to cover lap joint and weld.

  3. Mechanical fixation

  (1) The first step of the mechanical fixation method is the same as that of the full adhesion method. You can refer to the first step of the full adhesion method, and then the longitudinal overlap width is 100 mm, of which 50 mm is used as the fastener. The fastener should pass through the insulation layer, and then be fixed on the structural layer.

  (2) First, according to the designed spacing, use the impact drill to drill holes. The hole diameter should not be too large, but should be smaller than the fixed outer diameter. After the fixing parts are in place, use a screwdriver to tighten them. After the fixing parts are fixed, weld each lap joint, and also use the transverse butt joint treatment. Cover the lap joint with 200-250mm wide coil for welding.