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What are the precautions of self-adhesive waterproofing memb

Information Sources:未知 admin release time:2021-05-08

  Self adhesive waterproof membrane is a new type of waterproof material, which is mainly made of high-quality asphalt as the main raw material and high-strength polyethylene film. At present, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is widely used in waterproofing construction of major projects, and it is also widely used in urban railway, highway and other important projects.

  Advantages of self adhesive waterproofing membrane

  1. The use of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane construction, not only convenient, but also can save time, efficiency is very high, for the wet base can also be constructed.

  2. The bonding is very strong and there will be no water channeling.

  3. It can bond with the poured concrete and will not separate if it is soaked.

  4. Very environmental protection, to prevent environmental pollution.

  5. It has the elasticity of rubber, good elongation, and can adapt to the deformation and cracking of base course.

  6. In addition to the main material, the surface material polyethylene film also has excellent waterproof and high strength (polyethylene polypropylene membrane is only waterproof with this film), so the waterproof has double insurance.

  7. Corrosion resistance: the coil has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and excellent aging resistance in various environments.

  8. Corrosion resistance: the coil has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance (except the surface part of aluminum foil coil), and excellent aging resistance in various environments.

  Matters needing attention in laying self adhesive waterproofing membrane

  Now the decoration company in order to catch up with the progress, in the laying of self-adhesive waterproof roll when the treatment of the grass-roots is not complete, it is rash to lay the way roll, it is because of this, many people in the decoration not long after the leakage of water seepage problem, this is because of the improper treatment in the laying of waterproof roll.

  Before the waterproof roll is laid, the leveling layer shall be cleaned up, and the base treatment agent shall be applied on the base surface, and cleaned up.