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What are the reasons why waterproof membrane is not waterpro

Information Sources:未知 admin release time:2021-05-08

  What are the reasons why waterproof membrane is not waterproof? The workers of the waterproofing membrane manufacturer explained to us that it was not the material itself, but if it was a fake, there were the following points:

  1. If the waterproof treatment of design factors is not done well, once there is a problem in the waterproof design, it will directly cause the leakage of the external wall of the building.

  2. Material factor: building materials may have the characteristics of high porosity, strong water absorption and poor anti leakage ability. If you encounter developers who want to save money, you may encounter this situation.

  3. There are many problems of external wall leakage caused by construction factors, which may be the instability of the frame structure, or the building wall is not prepared according to the standard, or the insufficient bonding force between the wall brick and the mortar, as well as the perforation of various pipelines and the slope of windowsill.

  Therefore, the problem of waterproof material itself, the main problem is the problem of the building itself, as well as the problem of artificial construction. In fact, the cause of leakage is quite complex. Some people still leak after many waterproof construction, which means that the root cause of leakage has not been found. Experienced workers will go to the leakage site to investigate, find the cause of leakage, and then go to the right medicine, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.